Friday, February 12, 2016

Anda IV

“This is so fucking metal!” hollered Andrew, lashed to the port side rail of the bow. “YEEEEE AAAAAAWWWWW!!”

The Gorillaz paused as a voice came on the loud speakers. “Dude come on, get in here.”


“Capt’s gonna kill us if he gets up. You said just thirty seconds. COME. ON.”

“He’s not gonna get up if you get off the speakers.”

“Dude I’m serious! I’m not writing an incident at sea report and explaining to captain that you were lost cause you wanted to play Forest Gump.”

“Fine.” Said Andrew as he undid his lashings and reconnected his teather. “But know that you’re a pussy, and this is metal.”

“Whatever.” Said John. He crossed his legs and kicked up his boots on the dashboard of the helm, then hung the microphone for the loudspeakers on the bulkhead. After a moment Andrew came in dripping seawater and sleet like a creature that just crawled aboard from the deep. He shook his head like a dog, sending a large clump of salty snow from his mustache splattering across the cabin sole.

“Seriously?” Said John.

“What?? It’s my watch. I’ll take the flak from capt, relax.” Andrew struggled with unbinding himself from his life suit while John continued to glare through the port hole.

“I want to.” John said finally. Andrew turned around and grinned. “Give me your life suit.”

“Hah!” Yelled Andrew and clapped him on the shoulder. “The man comes back to his old self finally!”

John fought down a smile. “Shut up, just give me your life suit.”

“Whyyyy so serious?” egged Andrew, then in unison they both cried “NOOO RACHEL!”

“Yo, I loved that boat." Said John, remembering the schooner they met on. "Why were we obsessed with quoting that stupid movie?”

“I don’t know but it was hilarious. Did I ever tell you I swam to the boat and climbed the bobstay one night? I was like a naked ninja man.”

“What? No way! Did I ever tell you I totally skateboarded on deck every watch I had alone?”

“Naw. Whats the highest you ever jumped from?”

John laughed. “Not from the running lights.”

“Yee-aah” Said Drew and held out his fist to bump it in conspiracy. John pounded it then fastened the last straps of the life suit. “Now,” said Drew “are you ready for the MOST METAL EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE!?”

“YEEEEEE AAAAAAWWWWWW!!!” hollered John, lashed to the port side rail of the bow.

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