Monday, January 30, 2012

Biology 101

Take traffic for example,
In a slow speed camera, it all looks the same,
And our cars are just like blood cells in a vein,
And we're all just the nuclei, microscopic brains!
Mindlessly moving these hormones, platelets, reflex messages,
These cell things,
For a body called humanity.
But why?
We all fuckin hate it anyway.

Maybe this body one day will evolve,
stand up and take control.
As single cell critters became ourselves.
And it will cease to need us anymore,
was that not 1984?

And if i break away and be my own cell,
Am i just a radical girl?
Or the free radical in this bodies gut,
Slowly killing us all.

Have I been sent on some wayward mission.
By the conglomerate brain of humanity,
To set things right like an antibody?
Or am i the virus instead?

I do not like the humanity, my fellow cells do serve
I do not like its seeming purpose
I do not like its nerves.
A network of poisoned politicians
Sending messages through our unconsenting skin.
They stole away my magic man, from our dreams they seized him
And told him he was making everything okay
He died of thirst for compassion
In the desert of his mind, his bones now lay.

Its time to leave this petri dish,
And see the world out side,
And take the risk of our own cells demise,
For this body must now die.
And born will be our new creation.
From worm to butterfly,
Will you take the risk with me?
Just breathe, open your eyes.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where to?

Hey there world, I'm confused,
what else is new?
heart racing, like Im running,
even though I'm staying put.
for now, for now, for now.  It pants,
up and down in my chest.  Just stop,
I want to say.
Be still, lets chill, and live for a day.
Didn't we just decide, JUST STAY.
But no, things change, one sudden movement and bang!
your off again, like a rabbit in its burrow,
a deer into the woods,
a stampede of all your racing thoughts
darting off,
dragging your miniture body in tow.  Where to?
Who knows.  Certainly not you.